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Why UW-Green Bay's RN to BSN Program?

Hear From Our Students

"Going to school full time, raising 7 kids with my husband, and working full time was a huge challenge for me, but the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay BSN program along with the staff made it all possible. Even though I live in Texas and have never met any of the instructors or my advisor, I feel a deep connection to them because they are dedicated, personable, and willing to assist me at any time. This is a great place to learn!!"

Nichol Andrews, RN, BSN

"The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Bachelors of Science in Nursing Online Program offered me the flexibility to stay home and still achieve my career goals. UWGB provided a flexible schedule, affordable tuition, and interactive virtual classes conducive to adult learning. Additionally, the faculty is great; they truly care and give personalized attention. They facilitated my educational program through dedication, helpfulness, support and commitment to the achievement of excellence. Furthermore, the curriculum is excellent! It is focused on today's nursing care with an eye on where it's headed. The UW-Green Bay really lived up to its reputation. I am proud to be part of this community."

Zahra Jiwani, RN, BSN


Photo of 2 graduate students"I selected this program because of its flexibility and never having to go to campus. The helpful and supportive staff, especially advisors, made it seem like the perfect program for me."

Lisa Paladino, RN, BSN

"Within two months of inquiring about the program, I was taking my first online class. The process was easy and self-explanatory...I was always able to get any problem solved or any question answered regardless of the crazy hours that I called."

Margaret Shulman, RN, BSN

"I researched several other online programs, but most were not nationally accredited (Commission for Collegiate Nursing Education) or backed by a major university system. The BSN-LINC program was both — and it was flexible enough to allow me to continue my full-time employment. It has been a challenging but very rewarding experience. My new knowledge has already been a benefit to me in my current work."

Cherry Pfau, RN, BSN

"The flexibility really appealed to me because I had a full-time job. Not having to be in a classroom on a campus at a particular time was a real advantage."

Rafal Banek, RN, BSN

"The UW-Green Bay online program made the dream of attaining a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing possible. The program is flexible, and as a single working mom, that was a priority for me. This program, its advisors, instructors and tech support folks made this program 'fly'."

Lori Anne Wachter, RN, BSN

"The online program at UW-Green Bay has been extremely flexible, both by faculty and coursework. The program enables you to complete your BSN and live the other portions of your life — family, work, and personal life."

"Faculty and tech support are quick to remedy any issues that arise. This program is a perfect complement for the working person who wishes to continue their education."

Tim Yue, RN, BSN

"If you are given the right tools, you can accomplish many things. If it wasn't for the UW-Green Bay online program, I would not have been able to achieve my BSN. I have a family and work full-time and was able to do my coursework around our schedules, which at times are quite hectic."

Cheryl Simcoe, RN, BSN

"I used critical thinking more with online classes than in a regular class setting because what I wrote was there for everyone to critique. My classmates were all professional nurses with varied backgrounds, and the information I contributed needed to be thought-provoking."

Paulette Vrem, RN, BSN

"It's a high quality program. It's very applicable to what I'm doing as a practicing nurse. I was treated very professionally, and the courses are designed for practicing nurses. I had few problems with taking courses online and I received quick technical assistance when I did."

Linda Hazelgren, RN, BSN

"It was because of the advising that I chose this program. My advisor was a very positive asset to the program. I had looked at a different online program, but the advisor was not a nurse. My BSN-LINC advisor was very approachable and available."

Christine Hankerson, RN, BSN

"I got more out of the online experience than I did on campus. Just being able to read the postings from the other students...They came from such a wide range of types of nursing. In a classroom setting, when you're all from the same area, you don't get that kind of diversity."

Cathy Heimbecher, RN, BSN

"The nursing professors are enthusiastic about nursing and promoting the professionalism of nursing. Their enthusiasm is contagious and was very encouraging throughout the program."

Natalie Nesler Brimeyer, RN, BSN

"Having the ability to try a course before formally enrolling is important in choosing the best program for me."

Deborah Costello, RN, BSN